Thursday’s Child Creative Story – Tin

It was dark in the tunnel as I rushed through in a rage on all fours – clutching my pickaxe head – heading for Vandery Cable’s house. I expertly navigated through the labyrinth I had crafted and knew every turn and corner like the back of my hand; the cool, smooth walls of dirt seeming to be inviting and safe. I sensed that I was nearing Cable’s home as the tunnels that I had dug here were rougher and not yet refined by my technique of pasting them with water to reinforce its integrity; I would have to tend to that later as I had a much more important task on my hands. My task – and there was no stopping me – was to kill Mr Vandery Cable.

I momentarily hesitated and wondered, “What am I doing here?  Why do I want to kill Mr Vandery Cable?” and then immediately reminded myself, “He tried to hurt my sister Audrey; he must pay.” With my eyes full of fury and hatred, I continued on my way leaving in my wake a spray of unfettered soil. As I approached the trapdoor under which I had dug my tunnel to, I slowed both my movement and breathing; a technique I had mastered since I had become a creature of the earth in order to successfully stalk and kill rabbits with my bare hands. This skill became essential as I heard Mr Cable’s loud snoring reverberating through the tunnel and was able to slip through the opening of the trapdoor unnoticed. As my eyes painfully adjusted to the brightly lit room, I saw a figure of a man sleeping in a wooden chair. It was Vandery Cable.

I silently and stealthily lifted up my pickaxe head which my father gave me years back and felt its familiar and reassuring weight. I started making my way towards the evil man; slowly and carefully. Once I was within five metres of him, my breathing suddenly stopped as I made a dangerously loud creak in the rotting wooden floor; luckily, he only stirred slightly and fell asleep again. I continued creeping towards him; my heart pumping furiously for the moment when my pickaxe would crash upon his head to punish him for his sins. However, as I came closer, my confidence grew and that foolishly led to me tripping over and dropping my pickaxe with a loud clatter; I froze in horror and looked up as fear gripped me.

The scene unfolded very quickly; Vandery Cable first rubbed his sleepy eyes and wondered aloud, “Whass that?” Immediately afterwards, his eyes widened in shock and fear as I lunged towards him screaming ferociously. I don’t know how many times I brought the pickaxe down upon his head and body; I blocked out his futile screaming for help from the absent farmhand.

Time stood still.  In the flashback of the sight at hand, I saw that the room had upturned furniture scattered everywhere, and horrifically the entire floor was splattered with bright red blood; my hands too were covered in it. I hastily wiped them on one of Mr Cable’s chairs and thought of what to do next; I had to hide the body so no-one would know what had happened.  I slowly dragged Mr Cable’s silent body towards the trapdoor through which I’d entered.

Before I sank into my subterranean empire, I quietly whispered to Vandery Cable’s body, “I love you big sister – I did this for you.”


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