While sitting in my cottage

The earth started shaking

Smoke filled the sky

Everyone thought they were going to die


Missiles whistling through the dawn

Innocent children are being used as pawns

Snipers aiming at their marks

Blood soaked neighborhood parks


Bullets were finally in action

My hands over my ears

The echoes of the fighting

Engulfed every other sound


My brain was confused

Thousands were dying

Why were we fighting this war?


Tyranny, covetous, land, or religion

It has to be one of those

For the bloodshed in this country

That’s unfortunately the way it goes



Explosions light up the night

And in the distance I see a fighter jet soar into flight

Trenches and fox holes dug in the ground

Hiding secretly when you hear the slightest sound


War is like a disease

Its main objective is to displease

When will this all end?


Tony Vu 10N


3 thoughts on “War”

  1. Some good ideas here, though the piece comes across as inconsistent, especially in terms of rhyming and structure (i.e. number of lines per block).

    I’d be interested to see what you can come up with if you summarised the overall contention of this piece into a haiku.

    Matt Lyons 12H


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