Motivational Speech

This was written for a text response to the topic of Banned Books. Criticism is welcome. 

Good evening, fellow Citizens.

We are falling into a new era of the Dark Ages.

We are in a society where our leaders fear the way of human progress. They fear knowledge and they seek to oppress it with almighty power.  

We no longer live in a society where humanity can progress any further.

Outside this bunker, the world has fallen into chaos and violence. Cries of peace and unity have fallen upon deaf ears. Our lives have been poisoned with hatred and hostility.

The resistance military has been crushed and defeated by the government security forces.

We cannot go on.

Today as I came here, with my very own eyes, I witnessed hundreds arrested, purely for owning literature, victims of a system where innocent men and women are tortured and imprisoned. Books are destroyed and burned en masse, with flagrant disregard for the centuries of wisdom stored within.

Our very society is collapsing before our very eyes while tyrants seek totalitarian control. Amendment 342 was imposed yesterday, the final act to outlaw all forms of literature under penalty of death.

Technology serves little more than a channel for government propaganda, now censored and monitored beyond any useful means.

Fellow citizens, our final resistance is literature. For time immemorial, literature has served as a beacon of hope in oppressed times, and it is no different in our current times. Countless men have sacrificed their lives in the preservation of literature and knowledge.

But the wisdom of the ages and the knowledge of millennia is being massacred and slaughtered indiscriminately. Soon, our last hope for humanity will be lost forever to the greed and misery of tyrants, and we will be plunged into the dark ages permanently.

If we do nothing, soon we will be no more advanced as millennia ago.

But to those who stand before me, do not lose hope. Do not despair. Don’t give yourselves in.

For as long as we live, our spirit will not perish, for that is the will of our people, of our brothers and sisters.

Let us fight for knowledge! Let us fight for freedom!

Find every book you can find, every novel, every Charles Dickens, every Leo Tolstoy, and hide them.

Hide them so that one day, our future generations might be able to rediscovered what we fought so dearly and sacrificed so much for.

Avenge the brothers and sisters who have fallen, so that their lives were not lost in vain and may they rest in peace.

And I beseech you all those here today, to protect these books and knowledge, and preserve them for our future generations, because there will come a time when the hate and bitterness of our leaders will die, and the power of the despots will be returned back to the people. We must all work together for a single cause, and one day, fate will allow us for our society to return to its former glory.

And it is then, the sunlight of hope will shine back on our society, and our people will be lifted into a greater world, of unity and glory.

That future belongs to you, and me and all of us.

It is up to you to decide it.

We cannot overpower them.

But they cannot defeat us.

By Joseph Nguyen 10M



One thought on “Motivational Speech”

  1. I found myself thinking of year 10 history when reading this (Out of Nazi Germany and Stalinese Russia, I was reminded of either on of them or both, as I can’t remember whether the book burnings applied to both, or only one of them). A good read, but a touch cliché. If this was intended as a persuasive piece, I’d use a personal story (something like ‘when I was a boy, books were scarce, which made them all the more valuable for the knowledge and adventures they contained within their pages) from the perspective of your resistance fighter persona, just as something different.

    Matt Lyons 12H


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