Merchant of Venice – Antonio’s Soliloquy (New Scene)

Antonio’s Soliloquy

Act 5 Scene 2 (New Scene)

Venice   Antonio’s House


Enter Antonio and Bassanio


Oh my loyal friend Bassanio, please leave.

I need to spend some time here confined.                                                                                    



Why certainly my lord Antonio.


Exit Bassanio  (Door shuts)



 I have to use my time to think and grieve.

When I signed the bond I was being blind.

But I had to in order to progress.

I planned to use this money to invest

in foreign produce from the distant lands.

I understood the risks I was taking completely.

 I had to take the chance to make money.

Life is simply about taking chances.

Why not enjoy your time if you live once?

Remarkably, my ships made it back home.

The weather must have caused it off its course.

I have an ample amount of money

to invest  in more exotic produce.

My wealth will be greater than it ever was.


I was saved by a rather odd young man.

Why did he wait until the end to act?

He must have been planning it, a game plan.

Balthazar was only stating the true facts.

He had a rather odd scent for a young man.

Peculiarly, he smelt very fresh.

Similar to ladies of high status.

His features looked rather feminine.

His eyes had the look of sweet, sweet justice.

The Jew could have ridded my existence.

I am truly grateful to Balthazar.

Some say age shows experience of one.

It is evident age does not matter.

I thought I was doomed when I saw his age.


I now have half the fortune of Shylock.

I do not feel satisfied however.

He sought what humans’ desire when provoked.

He sought revenge because I harassed him.

I have realised actions can blemish one

physically and mentally for  life.

(Bangs fist on table)

Why did I act like I did to scar him? (Tears streaming down Antonio’s face)

The looks in his eyes when he held the knife.

All I could see was pure vengeance.

His eyes looked like they belonged to the Devil.

Inside him was a caged dove, yearning flight.

The moment he killed me was the moment

The bird would finally be free to take flight.

Shylock I want you to be free.

I should have just been ridded from this world. (Yelling)


I fear my job will be jeopardy.

Merchants shall not trust me because of what  

I did. I was not able to meet the

Terms and conditions that Shylock imposed.


I am lucky to have a very good friend

Bassanio, this man has always been there for me.

He’s the most loyal friend I’ve ever had.

Bassanio is much wealthier now.

He only wanted to marry Portia for money.

He should have been only mine and mine alone.

Oh Bassanio, please let me be yours.

I remember how you helped me and how I helped you.

Oh please come back to me Bassanio.

I will do anything to have you back.

Let’s simply put it this way, I love you!


Exit Antonio


Tony Vu 10N


3 thoughts on “Merchant of Venice – Antonio’s Soliloquy (New Scene)”

  1. Good adoption of Shakespeare’s style of phrasing and writing. Could have been improved in some lines to be more ‘Shakespeary’, such as ”I was saved by a rather odd young man” being something like ‘My safety was assured, by a youth of unusual character/disposition’.


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