Macbeth Monologue

Monologue – Act 5 Scene 7 (Just After Killing Young Siward)

This monologue is situated in act 5 and scene 7. This is when Macbeth has just killed the Young Siward and Macduff is approaching. Macbeth murmurs to himself, recalls certain events and decides on what to do. His state of mind is in a dilemma about if she should face Macduff. (This is an entirely new monologue written by me).


Why do I see Macduff before my very eyes?

He is heading this way, glaring into my soulless heart.

His face of resolution, his fist of justice.

His sword, gleaming with blood.

The witches have  prophesised – “beware Macduff”.

Should I fear such a man?

No, yes, no, yes!!

He is here to slay me to return Scotland to her ravishing beauty.

I do not wish to cross blades with him.

I’ve already shed enough blood in one family.

Killing his child, just for revenge.

Pitiful, just pitiful.

Shedding anymore flesh, I just cannot!  

Is this the end of the road for me?

I feel the gates of Hell are opening,

Sending me to where I belong,

For all these immoral deeds.

If only Lady Macbeth were here.

She could guide me through this difficult time.

Without her, there I see no light in the tunnel.

If only….

Damn curiosity!!

Is human character cursed,

Doomed for demise?

 I don’t know what to do!

Fight like a man or suicide?

Retreating will make me the laughing stock of the world.

The infamous tyrant fleeing, oh what irony!

Therefore I cannot surrender!

Wait a moment,

I cannot be killed by those born by woman.

This fight is min, I will not yield!

Bring it on Macduff!


 Tony Vu 10N


2 thoughts on “Macbeth Monologue”

  1. Good piece, that captures how Macbeth felt at the time. However, some inconsistency in phrasing (is this meant to be written entirely in Shakespearean English, or modern English? I ask this as ending with ‘bring it on, Macduff’ seemed out of character, as well as how ‘wait a moment’ could be changed to ‘how now’, a Shakespearean term that means ‘what is this?’


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