Life From the Perspective of A Tree

As the sun rises, I catch quick glimpse of the insects moving slowly after a night of continuous rain. Mailbox Tom is hungry. He has been malnourished for a long time. In the distance, I can see the postman with his hands on his knees, panting strongly. He takes out his black, distinctive cloth and wipes his forehead slowly. He stretches and reveals that rotund belly of his. The postman’s name is Tom. He always wears a black leather jacket and brown jeans.

          Petulantly, two crows emerge out of nowhere and begin fighting. The black, larger crow soars into the Punica Granatum in the corner, directly in front of the blue metal gate. It looks from left to right, trying to gain proximity of location of the smaller, grey crow. The black crow abruptly lunges towards the patch of Dietes Vegeta and rips the flowers out of the soft soil using its powerful talons. The grey crow thrusts itself into the air in an attempt to escape the wrath of the black crow. The black crow follows tenaciously. The black crow quickly picks up speed. The grey crow heads towards the next door neighbour. The black crow flies up into the air, disappearing peculiarly. The grey crow rests on the metal fence. The black crow reappears and charges at the grey crow. The larger crow impales the smaller crow on the metal fence. Its body goes straight through the metal. Blood slowly trickles down the fence like a leaking tap.

          Something caught my eye. A green, slim Frisbee lands in the row of Coleonema Pulchellum that acts as a fence for the front yard. A boy sprints over quickly to retrieve his toy. He turns his head furtively to make sure nobody is watching. He places his hand in the hedges and grabs his Frisbee. The hedge now has a large hole in the middle of it.                        

         A golden, stray dog with black stripes appears at the front door. The door is a brown rustic colour. It is made out of French Oak. The golden handle stands out. When the sun shines on it, it glistens brightly and has the ability to blind people if they stare at it for too long. With its sharp paws, the dog begins scratching fiercely, requesting food or accommodation. Obviously it won’t be let in because its shaggy body is full of dirt and little black fleas that are jumping around and feeding on its host.

           Opposite the door is a mysterious tree: Bougainvillea Glabra. It sits on bricks that ascend into the air and supports the roof. A black earth worm hangs from the Bougainvillea vine. The vine groans and yearns for rain. Its flowers are withering slowly.

          I hear a noise that does not belong to Mother Nature. It is coming closer like a cheetah advancing on its prey. A car slowly moves up onto the drive way. The Fisidens Adianthoides moss screeches in agony as the car rolls over it. It heads into the white garage, the “safe place” from Mother Nature.

          There are six windows in total in the front yard. They are always spying on our neighbors for no reason. The window is like a secret agent, always watching.      


Tony Vu 10N


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