By Eeshan Jhingran

After snatching the handbag from the tourist he dashed off swiftly. Pursued by the victim and witnesses alike, he panicked and climbed the flimsy drain pipe of a tall old building. Unfortunately, the drainpipe was rusted and barely stuck to the building; the added weight caused it to rip off the weakened walls. He was going to fall into the hands of law enforcement officials.
Raizel had always hated the law, although this notorious thief had never been caught by the police due to insufficient evidence. Raizel was a well-known criminal in this region and a warrant had already been issued. He was an active member of a non-violent crime ring who never harmed any civilians except robbing tourists. His boss was a gentle person who wouldn’t hurt a fly but his employees had been looting people for decades and stealthily escaping without a trace.
An angry mob of people stood below watching the drainpipe rip out of the wall knowing that at last, they had caught the elusive thief. Dust flew out of the wall as an old peeling cream paint showed the bricks underneath. The pipe was falling bit by bit, but Raizel dropped his pillage tearfully and jumped off to a balcony on the neighbouring edifice. The crowd let out a big sigh of disappointment. They had lost him as usual. Raizel jumped promptly to reach the door handle and walked into the small hotel room. Luckily for him, it was empty. He made his way through the foreigners’ cluttered room. He might had lost his previous loot but he wouldn’t miss this golden opportunity. Raizel combed through the attachés and suitcases, taking out anything that appeared valuable. After grabbing whatever he could possibly takes making an easy get-away, Raizel scurried to the rooftop of the motel. Roughly two kilometres away was his hideout which was a flashy mansion on the outskirts of the city. It was located right next to the rainforest and and appeared like a holiday home. If there was ever a police raid, the boss would open a secret tunnel and hide all his workers amongst the forest foliage. The big witty boss loved all the gang members like his own children. He found Raizel as a baby and cared for him, provided a criminal education together with food and shelter. Now, it was his turn to pay him back by following boss’s order. Raizel rushed to the mansion.
* * *
The boss welcomed Raizel cheerfully as he walked in with his loot. “Raizel”, Thank God your ok, I heard on the police scanner that they caught a thief! I was worried because you were the only one working this shift.” Raizel bowed and the boss stroked his fur. “Raizel, you’re not just a monkey. All of my workers are top professionals. But, you’re the best. Don’t ever get caught.”
The reason why no-one ever caught the bosses’ syndicate was very obvious and clear because they were all highly skilled professionals.


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