“The Pedestrian”

This was written for an English class in response to the short story “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury and the task was to write a court transcript of Leonard (the protagonist) being tried.

The 5th District Court

26th July 2053 AT 11:35AM


Shortly after 18:45 hrs of the 2nd of May, 2053, Mr. Leonard Mead left his home and walked down 57th Street. An automated police patrol vehicle questioned and subsequently arrested Mead for violating curfew law and for exhibiting signs of delusional and regressive behaviours. Mead was taken to the correctional processing centre for further questioning. Correctional officers noted his violent and uncooperative behaviour, and restrained Mead for a period of 24 hours. The psychologist at the time recommended involuntary commitment to the Special Offender Facility (an institution for offenders with psychiatric problems). Mead was subsequently later charged with violation of curfew law, destructive and regressive behaviour and state subversion punishable by imprisonment under state law. Mead faced a maximum penalty of life imprisonment if the verdict should so recommend.

Mead entered a plea of not-guilty and was transferred and detained for a period of four weeks awaiting sentencing at the Special Offender Facility. However, on the day before the sentencing, he changed his plea to guilty, his reasoning was to reduce the potential sentence.

Transcipt (shortened)

Court: Leonard Mead, referring to the statement you made to state officers, do you want let your plea of guilty stand, or do you want to withdraw your plea?

Mead: I want to let the plea stand, Your Honour.

Court: Do you understand that by doing so, you are admitting confessing to all counts of the charges and that you enter the plea voluntarily without coercion?

Mead: Yes, I do.

Court: Leonard Mead, you have pleaded guilty to a number of serious offences including 1 count of violation of curfew law, 3 counts of destructive and regressive behaviour and 1 count     of state subversion. I refer to s146 of the Citizen Control Act (2046) and s32 of the State Security Act (2025). The maximum penalty of each offence is: Count 1. 5 years imprisonment or a fine of $50,000; Count 2. 15 years imprisonment (in a mental health institution if recommended); Count 3. Life imprisonment.

You did not plead guilty at first opportunity but you did avoid the need for a trial, and thus you should be given partial credit for showing co-operation with the court. However, the strong case against you should also be taken into account.

As to your personal circumstances, you have had no occupation, and you have not had any personal relationships.  

Your main problem has been your mental condition. I have received a report from the psychologist that has indicated regressive behaviours. Your own admission of walking for a period of over nine years without valid purpose and refusal to use the household viewing screen has confirmed this.

It is in my view, that in light of the circumstances, I will reduce your sentence to 25 years in the Special Offenders Mental Correctional facility as recommended by the psychologist as necessary. I also impose a non-parole period of 20 years.

The sentence will commence from the 2nd of May 2053, from when you were taken into custody.

Court is adjourned. (11:59AM)



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