The Iphone 5 Release

On the busy streets of Melbourne, horns blared out while tyres screeched across the wind and into the ears of Joshua Calton. But he did not fear the blasting sounds of cars. Today was a special day for Josh. The 4.87 inches high and 2.31 inches wide smartphone was finally being released; the iPhone 5. Josh had waited for this for so long. Prior to the release, countless hours were spent on the Internet, glorifying this item’s magnificient features; 4G Network, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash…

As Josh approached the rear end of Chadstone Shopping Centre, he knew he had to be the first to receive this beautiful product. Or else why waste the time buying it at its release? Pumped with excitement, Joshua pushed everyone aside at the entrance of the shopping centre, including an elderly woman who shouted a few words about manners as he raced the dark, marble floor. His knees started to ache the closer he got to the store but knew it was worth it. Josh could imagine it; all the television reporters swarming around him, asking about his feelings of being the first to obtain the iPhone 5.

The steep escalators were right up ahead, waiting for Josh’s presence. As he stepped on a metal pellet, loud clacks arose from underneath as the machine welcomed Joshua’s entry. Once reaching the bottom, the Apple store was within sight with the logo illuminating large specks of white light. Best of all, no one was at the entrance to stop him from being the first. He knew it would all work out for him.

Suddenly, in the corner of his left eye, a streak of blue rushed past him towards the store. After all this time and effort, Josh wasn’t going to stand there and allow such people to take his spot. It was now or never! Joshua sprinted across the hall and over a brown bench as fast as his legs could take him. However, the mysterious man still seemed to be hundreds of metres in front of Joshua. With the last bit of energy, Josh burst his way through the man like a hungry cheetah swiftly pouncing on its prey and into the door of the shop. He had done it!

Josh turned around to see the man with his head hanging down, in disappointment. That man was just like him, waking up early for the new technology yet to be released and now the man’s desires of being first disappeared into depths of the ground. Josh understood how the man felt and knew he would feel the same if that happened to him. Josh thought deep about it for a while and slowly approached the man.

“Do you want to go ahead of me? If you really want to, I could let you.”

The man’s eyes sparkled back to life and nodded with a big grin.

He replied,” Thanks for the offer! I really appreciate it.”

The man stepped in front of me and peered through the glass windows, constantly staring at the iPhone 5 poster.

Soon, more and more people started to gather around the Apple Store, waiting for the release. There were many parents standing patiently while their children were jumping around with excitement and constantly asking their Dad and Mum, “When will shop open?” or “Is it open yet?” Others were discussing the excellent builds and features of the phone.

The clock eventually reached 8 AM and a dark figure from the back of the store slowly walked towards the crowd. As the figure reached the entrance, a loud cheer came from the audience. It was the store manager! Everyone stared at the manager as he reached into his tiny pocket and pulled out several silver keys. Carefully slotting in the keys into the lock, the doors gently opened up.

People began to push their way through, attempting to see this wonderful iPhone. Yelling and screaming of kids echoed along the walls of the shopping centre. A booming voice from the speakers above interrupted the mayhem.

“Please refrain yourself from pushing into others or else this will take longer than it needs to be,” the manager cried.

Everyone halted after hearing the manager’s shouts, worrying that they would lose their opportunity to acquire the iPhone 5. His assistant then appeared and invited the blue shirted man inside the store. Minutes later, he came back out carrying a grey box and disappeared into the crowd. Joshua was called in next. While entering the shop, he glanced at all the grey boxes sitting on the shelves, waiting to be picked up.

Josh grabbed one of the boxes at the bottom and opened it up. Inside was glorious phone with a 4 inch widescreen display, 1136 by 640 pixel resolution and built-in speaker as well as earpods and a USB power adapter. When Josh walked out with a smile on his face, he noticed reporters crowding around the man, asking him all sorts of different questions like “How does feel to be the first to have possession of the first iPhone 5?” and “What is your favourite app?”

Inside his heart, Josh was jealous that he wasn’t receiving any fame from any of the reporters but then remembered the man’s dejected face upon arrival of the Apple Store. Although everything didn’t go his way, Joshua had helped a person in need and that was the important thing of all.

Written by William Lai 9A

NOTE: I just recently joined competition writing and this is my first post on the blog. I am not the best at English so there are probably several mistakes in the essay.


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