Resident Evil…SIX Review


As of October 2nd, Resident Evil 6, the latest entry in Capcom’s survival horror franchise was released. A highly anticipated title, that unfortunately has flaws that pull down its strengths, preventing it from fulfilling expectations of its fad and critics. 
Resident Evil 6 is the sixth main series installment, with a new viral outbreak causing the return of the famed zombies. However, they are joined by a new enemy, being the J’avo. Similar to the enemies in Resident Evil 5, these infected beings are able to wield weapons as well as plan their attacks, which makes for some interesting firefights. If you’re a Resident Evil purist, who prefers the days of shambling undead, you may find it unsettling to have the infected shooting back at you. Couple this with a cover system that has been improved upon yet is still clunky, combat can take time to adjust to.
As for the game’s story, it is told through three individual campaigns, each with their own game play style. In Chris Redfield’s campaign, those who enjoyed Resident Evil 5 will feel at home here, with plenty of action and shooting, with little attention to survival horror. It felt repetitive, moving from point A to B, while shooting the endless stream of J’avo long the way, making this a tiring and often frustrating campaign to play through. 
 For Leon Kennedy’s, zombies are plentiful and ammo is scarce. This, combined with often claustrophobic and dark environments create an experience most akin to the series’ first three entries, and made for a fun and more interesting time. 
As for Jake’s campaign, it played like a blend of shooter action and horror, making it most similar to Resident Evil 4 in that regard, and as a Resident Evil 4 fan, it is my favorite. 
 In addition, upon completion of the three main campaigns, a fourth will be unlocked. As for who its main character is, I won’t spoil. 
Graphically, this is a beautifully designed game, with every character being well drawn out, and the rendering flawless. The environments are perfect to suit the mood for each campaign, with the creepy, haunting environments from Leon’s campaign being the best. However, brightness is often an issue, as the recommended setting from the game is too low, making it difficult to find enemies at times, creating stress from frustration rather than suspense. 
Voice acting and soundtrack have both improved in quality since previous entries. Expect more believable characters as a result, especially for Jake’s campaign, as well as background music that enhances the mood, rather than dominating the on-screen action. 
I’ve invested a fair amount of hours into Resident Evil 6. Overall, the game is respectable, yet could have used some more fine-tuning, due to inconsistencies in the campaign. I loved my time in Jake’s campaign, enjoyed Leon’s, yet Chris’s action-packed romp felt like a chore, due to its repetitive nature. Not only that, all campaigns suffered from poor checkpointing. I found myself losing progress in each campaign’s five chapters as the game’s auto-saves are few. This in combination with hour-long chapters makes it feel tiresome trying to complete each one in order to not risk losing progress. 
Still, Resident Evil 6 has been fun, especially in co-op. It could be have much better though with some more time invested in it. 
Graphics – 8/10
Sound – 8.5/10
Gameplay – 7.5/10
Overall – 8/10 

2 thoughts on “Resident Evil…SIX Review”

    1. A good way to think of resident evil 6 while playing is thinking of it as a great third person shooter with zombies, rather than an underwhelming resident evil title.


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