Presuasive Folio Piece (Justice)


Persuasive Folio Piece (derived from Crimes and Misdemeanours) 

Letter written by Judah, for wife Miriam. 
Time setting – After Dolores (flight attendant) killed, evidence picked up, and Judah has has the vision with his family at the table)
Miriam, my father once told me that ‘the eyes of God are on us always,’ and that ‘murder will out!’ I’ve done a terrible thing, Miriam, In all my years, going from success to success, I’ve ‘managed to keep free of the real world’. But, after what has happened, ‘it’s found me’.
I’ve never had to deal with this kind of situation before, Miriam. But, the reason why I’m reading this to you is because I want to justify why I did what I did. I can’t and I won’t say that my reasons will protect me from the law, but all the same, after I tell you all this, maybe I can explain my actions.
Do you remember Dolores, the flight attendant? We met her on one of the conference trips I took you on. I suppose I should tell you now that after we first meet, we were…attracted to one another. I will also admit that many of the ‘conference trips’ I took after we met Dolores were not what I told you they were.
We, had an affair, an intimate affair. When I think of our past, one of the main reasons I didn’t stop myself from submitting to temptation was that Dolores made me feel young again.
During our time together, I said things I shouldn’t have. I made promises that I could not keep. Eventually, she became demanding, and we drifted apart. She kept threatening to tell you about our affair, and she even sent a letter addressed to you, which I burnt in the fire afterwards.
Like I said previously, I’ve never had to deal with this kind of situation before, Miriam. I kept trying to calm her down, to make her go away, but she didn’t want to listen. 
So, I spoke to Jack. You probably don’t even remember him, as after Jack decided to dwell on the other side of the law, I tried to stop keeping in touch with him. 
I was desperate. I didn’t want you to find out about Dolores and I. So, I called Jack, and he told me that ‘it was done’, and his contact had crossed the border already. 
In a way, I felt relieved that the affair would remain secret, but when I went to her apartment afterwards. When I saw her face, and the blood…
I remember yelling at Jack later on. I couldn’t believe what I had done. I may not have used the knife, but I damn well covered the expenses. I yelled at Jack, as the uncaring way he took the news of Dolores’ death, it made me so angry. I mean, ‘she’s not an insect! You don’t just step on her!’
But I did step on her. I stepped on her like how I crushed her heart. 
Ever since, Miriam, I’ve been suffering. I even went to the house I lived in as a child. There, I saw a vision of my family at dinner. When I joined in in the conversation, my father told me, ‘murder will out!’
It is those word that has made me want to speak to you like this,  Miriam. Now that you know the story, I would appreciate it if you would hear my reasons.
I’m old, Miriam. When a man reaches this age, he misses his youth. It was Dolores who helped me feel young again, which was why I pursued her. One sin leads to a deeper sin, and…you know what happened afterwards.
I feel terrible about Dolores’ murder. Trying to explain it you, I feel as though I’m trying to find a way out of this situation. I don’t deny what I did. After all of the threats and demands, I felt as though I had to do something about her. Trying to silence her through stopping the letter to you wasn’t enough, so Jack gave me the idea of a…permanent silencer….
Well, there you have it, Miriam. I acknowledge my sins. The eyes of God are upon me now, and I feel as though by telling you this, perhaps I may be able to move on from this feeling like a more honest man. The real world has found me, Miriam, and I pray it will forgive me, or  at least, understand why I…silenced Dolores. 

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