Anyone here want to do Law or Politics as a career?


From July 21st to August 11th this year, Victoria Law School held LSAP, a Legal Studies and Australian Politcs competition, which was open to all year 10 and 11 students around Victoria. Throughout the three and a half week program, held on four consecutive Saturdays at City Queen Campus, over a 100 students from over 30 secondary schools ranging from Catholic Regional College, Melton and Presbyterian Ladies’ College to Gladstone Park Secondary and Melbourne High School, took part in a range of activities. These included debating, trial advocacy, spot quizzes, negotiation, mock sittings of the Federal parliament and UN Security Council, even filmmaking of a political party television advertisement as well as a short Law and Order episode. 
Students competed in teams of around 8 (each team allocated a garishly coloured team shirt and animal mascot) and were mentored and judged by volunteers drawn from the Law School student body. The program was fortunate to  have presentations from barrister Luke Stanistreet, former Senator for Victoria Julian McGuaran and the Hon Frank Vincent QC during the program. Mr Vincent spoke passionately, as he always does, to the assembled crowd about his experiences in the law and public service, with some wonderful anecdotes about a time in his career well before “the Hon” and “QC”.
I was part of the 2012 LSAP program, and would highly recommend it to all those willing to go out of their comfort zone, meet new people, and even something else to put on your resume should you look for a job. 
LSAP will be back in 2013 with in three different versions: in Term 1 for Year 12s in the Melbourne CBD, in Term 2 in regional Victoria (most likely Ballarat) for 10s, 11s and 12s and in Term 3 for Year 10s and 11s, again in the Melbourne CBD.
Currently, the program is now accepting  nominations, expressions of interest and queries for LSAP 2013. Any Year 10, 11 or 12 students with an interest in law and politics and a desire to build their teamwork, leadership and communication skills can take part. Participation is absolutely free, with free food as well as free materails (notepads, stationery, etc). Teachers are able to nominate students or students can nominate themselves.
If you’re interested, simply email with the following information:-
1.       Full name
2.       School
3.       Year group
4.       Teacher’s contact name
5.       Teacher’s email address or phone number (if known)
6.       Why do you want to be part of LSAP 2013?
Or, if you want some more info, email the program’s coordinator directly here:


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