A truly glorious excursion to St Albans


Today, 4 members of comp writing and Ms Sheko made the trip to Victoria University, st albans campus, to take part in the writing enrichment day program. 

There, like many other students from different schools, attended various workshops on different forms of writing, ranging from fiction, to poetry, scriptwriting, radio journalism, biographies, and many more. 
The day ran from 10am-2:45pm, which meant a lengthy trip to and from the campus, but it was quite worthy of the time investment.
The Pros:
– the session was free! (next year, the program will run again as well)
– free morning tea and lunch (none of your lame biscuits and the like. Vic Uni knows how to do its catering, and we were treated with the likes of pizza, handmade sandwiches, fruit, sushi, pies, sausage rolls, juice, hedgehog slices, and so much more!)
– the program provides valuable experience as to whatever writing style or genre you wish to pursue.
– you get a day off school while attending.
The Cons:
– its far away…
– … None that i can think of 😀
For those interested in it for next year, make sure to speak to either ms Sheko, Eric xie, Austin bind, vishal Ramesh, or Matthew Lyons.
A big thank you on behalf of the boys to ms Sheko for arranging the session, and I think we all gained some valuable experience in writing today. 🙂
Matthew Lyons

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