How to Train Your Dragon – Music from the Motion Picture

I love the movie How to Train Your Dragon. With endearing characters, spectacular action and a touching message, it is one of my favourite animated films of recent times. My favourite part of the movie, however, has to be the masterpiece that is John Powell’s score. Excuse the pun, but this spectacular soundtrack brought the film to new heights.

The opening piece of the film, This is Berk, is an absolute delight, leaping from a moody intro to a blood-pumping frenzy of string, brass and chamber voices before cresendoing into an absolutely breathtaking string melody. Dense with rich layers and full-bodied themes, this piece feels like a story unto itself, conveying strength, whimsy and emotional beauty in just over four minutes.

More stirring themes are introduced in Test Drive, creating a rousing sense of adventure and excitement, not to mention being the guiding force behind my favourite scene in the movie; when Hiccup first takes flight on Toothless. The rich melodies introduced in these two pieces echo throughout the score, played by strings, horn, piano and  percussion.

One of my favourite pieces on the album would be See You Tomorrow, with an infectious jig sure to get your toes tapping. The piece simply bubbles with playfulness and joy. Meanwhile, the tense build-up of strings in Dragon’s Den erupts into a bombastic barrage of excitement. Another gem is the soothing and beautiful Romantic Flight, which plays as the lead characters Astrid and Hiccup soar through the clouds.

Now that I think about it, all the songs on this album are gems. With How to Train Your Dragon, John Powell created a masterful score of incredible originality and wonder. This is music with exuberance and tremendous energy; the kind of music that just fills your soul with warmth. This is my favourite film soundtrack. Whether by YouTube, iTunes or The Pirate Bay, make sure you listen to this epic music.

1. “This Is Berk” – John Powell

2. “Dragon Battle” – John Powell

3. “The Downed Dragon” – John Powell

4. “Dragon Training” – John Powell

5. “Wounded” – John Powell

6. “The Dragon Book” – John Powell

7. “Focus, Hiccup!” – John Powell

8. “Forbidden Friendship” – John Powell

9. “New Tail” – John Powell

10. “See You Tomorrow” – John Powell

11. “Test Drive” – John Powell

12. “Not So Fireproof” – John Powell

13. “This Time for Sure” – John Powell

14. “Astrid Goes for a Spin” – John Powell

15. “Romantic Flight” – John Powell

16. “Dragon’s Den” – John Powell

17. “The Cove” – John Powell

18. “The Kill Ring” – John Powel

19. “Ready the Ships” – John Powell

20. “Battling the Green Death” – John Powell

21. “Counter Attack” – John Powell

22. “Where’s Hiccup?” – John Powell

23. “Coming Back Around” – John Powell

24. “Sticks & Stones” – Jónsi

25. “The Vikings Have Their Tea” – John Powell

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