Judischer Wohnbezirk- Warsaw Ghetto

“WHERE IS THE BOY?” The officer bellowed, slamming his clenched fist firmly against the table.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about…” Jason’s foster parents collectively responded. “DON’T LIE TO ME!” Sweat trickled down Jason’s flushed face, whilst contemplating the extreme danger he had put such a considerate and loving couple in.

“THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING. WHERE IS THE BOY?” The officer had no tolerance for obstinate liars and drew his revolver, disabling the safety trigger. Jason shuddered in trepidation, concealed in a closet next to the scene.

“Honestly, we don’t know what you’re talking about…” Without hesitation, the officer swiftly killed Jason’s dad, firing a bullet into his forehead. Jason perceived the violent boom and blood splattering, a familiar sound he dreaded. He couldn’t control his emotions and wept in sorrow, leaping out of the closet to embrace his adoptive mother. The officer arrogantly smiled in content as he shot the weeping woman, before dragging Jason who was vainly retaliating by his scruffy brown hair.


The overlooking sun shone brightly amongst the nonchalant blue sky, but the feelings of those below in the Warsaw Ghetto contrasted greatly. They were condemned within gigantic walls by Hitler, who believed the Jewish were worthless and Germans were indubitably the superior race. Jason strolled along the pavement, his head held low and memories from his stolen childhood from 2 years ago flashing back. At the young age of ten he was dumped in the Warsaw Ghetto, amongst approximately 300,000 other Jewish people. Majority of children around the world take their childhood and freedom for granted, whilst that luxury was robbed from him as he grew up secluded and surrounded by sorrow.


Lift your head up lad. One day we will be free from this imprisonment, just keep your spirits high and pray.” Out of no-where Mark appeared and patted Jason on the back. He was the older brother Jason never had, incessantly sharing the scarce food that was distributed and always being there for him.

“I doubt it, this fortress is impenetrable and if you can’t get in, you can’t get out,” Jason glumly sulked. He took in his surroundings and wished all the despair would simply vanish and this damned war would cease. Death was lurking around every corner and even the ripest of women and youngest of children were slumped against walls, struck by illness and insubstantial living conditions.

“I heard rumours the other day Jason, I heard that the German’s were going to move all of us to gas chambers. We’ll be killed lad!” After hearing these words Jason knew death was an assured outcome if he stayed in the Ghetto any longer. He then devised a daring plan with Mark for an attempt to either escape the Ghetto or die trying.


The Ghetto was essentially a town with a gigantic wall scaling the perimeter and although it seemed impossible to escape it wasn’t. There were numerous miniscule gaps along the wall that most of the children and teenagers could squeeze through. It wasn’t an issue escaping, but fleeing and getting away from guards meticulously patrolling the area was. Furthermore, a large dilemma loomed whether to escape during the night or day. Despite having the shadows and darkness of the night to camouflage them, there would be more armed guards on the watch. The day time also contained ups and downs, there were little guards on patrol, but they could easily spot someone from miles away. After finalising their plan, the two boys decided to execute it the following night.


A full moon illuminated the pitch night sky overlooking the Warsaw Ghetto. The two teenagers, Jason and Mark crouched beside a vertical gap in the wall and waited for the right time to strike. They had been observing the patrolling patterns of the guards and once every 10 minutes there was a blind spot where they could make a break for it.

“All clear,” Jason discreetly whispered to Mark, who led the way. Even though they had officially escaped the Ghetto, the outside was still the same, more streets, shops and apartments. It felt as if they were liberated as there were no walls obstructing the horizon! The night guards were incompetent and fairly slack, but this made them hungry for action and with the greatest of misfortune, Jason sneezed.


One guard completing his standard patrolling routine perceived the faint sound and instinctively inspected. From far away he made out two crouched silhouettes subtly progressing along the shadows of shops. The guard hastily shouted for back up as several local officers began the chase and began sealing the perimeter in anticipation for catching the duo. The boys rapidly responded by dashing off whilst two officers directly chased them in hot pursuit.


Mark was tall and fit, opposed to Jason who was younger and less physically developed, struggling to keep up as they ran through a series of alleyways, in an attempt to sway the officers off their track. A light breeze skimmed Marks’s crew cut hair as he turned around to see one of his pursuers edging closer. They came to a halt as Mark peered around the corner and his heart instantaneously sunk, the other officer was closing in on their position. With only about 10seconds to escape all hope seemed lost, but both boys were determined to battle on till the very end!


The boys considered fighting the two officers, but they didn’t stand a chance because of the fire power they possessed. The clock was ticking down and suddenly, an idea flashed before Jason’s eyes as he removed a metal lid leading to the sewers and jumped in with Mark. The smell was repugnant and their feet were soaked with oozy water contaminated with waste. The two officers above were bamboozled and instead of inspecting the scene, they dashed off and rallied back up, in hope of sealing off the alley and capturing the two captives they suspected were hiding.


For the following weeks the boys hid inside the sewer and occasionally went out to eat and drink from a bakery owner who supplied them with left over bread and water. They rejected the idea of being fostered because of Jason’s previous experience where an innocent couple was killed. Living in a smelly, waste filled and gloomy sewer didn’t bother them, they had freedom and were safe and that’s all that really mattered. Their initially tattered clothes were currently split in half and the boys had their bare chests exposed. They were prone to illness and hugged each other to distribute warmth. Within the darkness, they prayed together, grateful for the liberty they wielded and hoping for the war to cease.

A creative piece I wrote in English recently, I feel that the story lacks a lot of substance, mainly through the plot, but there were word constraints to thsi short-story piece. Hope you enjoy(ed)


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