Just a really short story I did a few years back:

The suffocating atmosphere threatened to choke them and the buildings ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Strange objects in the sky charged as swarms of locusts in every which way. The explorers stood rooted on the ground, their mouths frozen like statues in eternal horror. Slivers of light filtered through the depths of the buildings. But it wasn’t this scene which shocked them- it was something far worse.

Death and destruction infiltrated the city like a poisonous gas with no antidote. Horrific, mutated beasts roamed the streets. The line between order and chaos had been blurred. Inhuman screams reverberated around- final death knells never to be answered.

A church bell tolled in the distance when walls of steel enclosed the huddled explorers, cutting the dense silence. Dropped in a huge truck, there was no need for any explanation. Any faint glimmer of hope was destroyed in an instant, as the metal beast’s wheels’ rhythmic groans mirror their agony.

Joseph Nguyen 9A


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