The adage ‘procrastination is the thief of time’ should ring a bell for everyone. Time is an essential aspect of life for every human being. Time once lost, is lost forever. If unfortunate, you will never acquire opportunities again and maybe lucky, you will attain better chances in life, but the same opportunity that you obtain in that particular moment will be lost forever.

Usually, our time elapses because we are either late or we postpone doing things. The more we delay or procrastinate, the more we tend to lose out on many things of life. After all, time is money. Time is treasure that is insoluble – a mystery we must set out to figure. By procrastinating, we are rescheduling the things in our lives that shouldn’t necessarily be overlooked. Time lost, is a loss forever and it can’t be retrieved.  Therefore the proverb ‘procrastination is the thief of time’ is one adage whose words are effective and truthful in real life.

If you are punctual and do things on time or before time, you are a respected member of society. The ability to remain consistent with your choices is a proficiency that necessitates a lot of will-power. Not procrastinating requires prodigious values, self-discipline and vigorous determination to do a task on hand at once. One who does not procrastinate will be more successful in life emotionally, physically and mentally.

An example of this proverb in modern day society would be: An employee who reports to work on time and does not adjourn doing things will have an enhanced chance of being promoted than the ones who does procrastinate.  Life offers you many opportunities and we must seize them before they disappear into the midst of lost opportunities. Procrastination is our enemy as it is the stealer of time. By procrastinating, we are letting time slip past our very eyes and doing nothing about it.

Procrastination is the thief of time because it steals away the beauty of what time brings us. Time is a rigid conception of life for humans, something that is immune to our system. Dilatory events in our lives do not benefit anyone or anything. The thief of time is most definitely procrastination.




6 thoughts on “PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME – By Nathan Nguyen”

  1. Love it!! That was really great, and SO true! I am such a hypocrite… I procrastinate a lot! I love how this was an argument, but had a different style(to me anyways). 😀


  2. It I read in my school life, so I understood well and never attempt for procrastination. I am punctual do any work time and grown up in my life. Thanks a lot to Mr. Nathan.


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