Amnesia: The Dark Descent

ImageThe wind howled outside as I lay on the ground. I could not remember anything. It was a very strange feeling, to not only be in a room, a dungeon, with no light whatsoever, but to simply feel nothing but a straight forward emotion. I had no memories in my brain to ponder through and come to a conclusion as to why I was here. The harder I though, the more memories seemed to run away from my consciousness.

                The dripping from an adjacent window showed the malicious weather outside. Around me was no form of light but the sparse bits that fell through from the generous moon. Stone walls surrounded me and were covered in large amounts of accumulated moss and dirt. There was a dilapidated wooden door to my left. Despite the overwhelming situation I must have been in, I felt some pleasant sense of security in that fact that I was in a strange mansion of sorts with no idea of how I had entered.

                I got up, patting my clothes to rid them of the dust that had accumulated over the course of the night, or several nights as it could have been. On the floor was a trail of a strange liquid not dissimilar to blood. I idly wondered who’s it could have been. Surprisingly, no sense fear came upon me as I looked at the stain. Following it led me towards the wooden door and into a spacious corridor lined with torches and paintings of many disfigured people I did not recognize. Going into the room opposite that I had emerged from revealed a dark study filled with shelves of books that did not read English in any of the titles. It still baffled me who this mansion could belong to. Picking up the note, I studied its contents.

                “I wish I could ask you how much you remember. I don’t know if there will be anything left after I consume this drink. Don’t be afraid Daniel. I can’t tell you why, but know this. I choose to forget. Try to find comfort and strength in that fact. There is a purpose. You are my final effort to put things right. He betrayed you for the Orb and god willing, the name Alexander of Brennenburg still evokes bitter anger in you. If not, this will sound horrible. Go to the Inner Sanctum, find Alexander and kill him. His body is old and weak, and yours, young and strong. He will be no match for you. One last thing, a shadow is following you. It’s a living nightmare, breaking down reality. I have tried everything and there is no way to fight back. You need to escape it as long as you can. Redeem us both Daniel. Descend into the darkness where Alexander waits and murder him.

Your former self,


                This note was one of mystery. Did I consume a drink to make myself forget and why? And who is this Alexander of Brennenburg and why do I need to kill him. These questions raced in my mind as I began to sense the sinister background of this mansion.

                As I began to dig deeper into my mind, images flashed before my eyes. Africa, an orb, death a phone call. What were these things and what did they have to do with me? The pitter patter of the rain continued in the other rooms. I sat down and tried to meditate on the stone-cold floor.

My name is Daniel as the letter made it very clear and I placed the note here so I would know to find and kill this Alexander of Brennenburg…in the Inner Sanctum…


Sweat covered, hot and fly ridden I moved down into the pit. Following behind me was a man of medium build yet very tall and mean. His forehead was shaved completely and shined in the African sun while his eyes were protected with a pair of expensive-looking glasses. We walked further into the pit and turned out torches on to give us a look ahead. The silence of the empty space was only disturbed by the sound of our slow paces crunching on the slightly wet and muddy ground. We were cautious and did not know what awaited us. It seemed however we were here to find something. The man accosting me appeared to be calm and reserved while he moved with grace. It seemed second nature to him. Finally, we entered a curve in the path and squeezed through the tight arch.

“Daniel, we must find this artefact, imagine the reward the British museum would offer us for such a find!”

“Don’t worry, we will not go home empty handed.”

We had been under for over 10 minutes and it seemed we had almost lost our way. An T-intersection was dug out but we had no way of knowing where it was that we had to go as were told only of one path. Hesitantly, we followed the path to the left after flipping a coin. Further down the pit went and it seemed we were truthfully lost.

“Hold it, what’s that sound?”

I listened and heard a slight buzzing noise coming from ahead accompanied by a faint glow.

“Is this what you said you were looking for?”

“Eh, we didn’t say we were looking for anything remember?”, the man said with a crooked smile on his face.

Walking forward into a spacious department of the route we had taken, the buzzing increased in sound and the glowing intensified. We pointed our torches across past the mounds of piled mud and debris on the floor and rested the light to illuminate a bluish green orb protruding from the wall of the tunnel. We seemed to have found what we were looking for.


3 thoughts on “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”

  1. Thanks 🙂 anything I could improve on? i really think i could have made it better although I wrote this in one hour cus it was an english short story and i left it to the last minute 😛


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