I stood in the peaceful bliss of the forest edge. The moon, cold and bright hung in the pitch black sky. And on a perfect night like tonight, only a breeze could disturb the silence of the night. And as the low branches swayed in the darkness, I came to ponder why is it that I had arrived at this very spot in the wilderness.

I was born into wealth, being the only son of wealthy investors. I detested my life, which was one of being perpetually harboured from the social life I so desired. After my parents passed away I moved on to become an entrepreneur, which was only due to my parents’ will. Before I knew it, I was a mirror image of them; arrogant but fragile, I hated myself for it. Quickly rising to fame, I thought the world recognised me. However, that was when I became confused.

Society did not recognise me. Rather, they recognised the products I churned out for them in a never-ending cycle of innovation and production. I quickly grew cynical of society, knowing full well now why my parents didn’t dare let me fraternise with those below me. Steadily I grew richer, yet despite my elaborate spending, my reserves of money would not deplete. My occupation kept my funds growing to the point of incredibility.

In a final attempt to stop the flow of money become recognised, I donated large portions of my wealth to charity organisation I would have cared nothing for. Despite my ignorance, my premonition of going by unnoticed was proved to be irrelevant. I barely even had the mentality to realise if I had been recognised. These charities, with the help of my wealth, made headlines worldwide about being able to develop past any expected point. It was then that I realised I didn’t even need to be noticed to feel good about yourself. These people were leading better lives because of me, and I couldn’t have cared less about being noticed or not. The role you play in the world only goes as far as your desire it to be.

I soon became intent on making the world a better place rather than take advantage of its desires. Slowly, my revenue started to diminish, and I saw the world around me expand beyond imagination with the absence of my products. I had abandoned that ambition long ago. When I realised that I had lived well and truly long enough, I retreated into the wilderness that I now live.

It truly is peaceful here, away from the dramas of life. And this is where I will be resting, knowing full well that the world has turned me from a life of isolation and hate to a life of charity.

(Just something I decided to write for my English assignment)


One thought on “Changed”

  1. Interesting, in a vague and ambigious kind of way. As an abstract piece it works quite well. I’d like to share with you some advice I was given when I was starting out with writing: Show, don’t Tell. The idea is simple, to show what you mean with assorted metaphors and descriptions and actions instead of simply saying/telling it to the reader. i.e: Bob was sad = bad. Bob was looking at the miserably grey clouds despondently = better. The same meaning is conveyed, but the latter is aesthetically better. This story seems very narrated, meaning, you kind of just say what happens. Bob was sad, then he gave money to charity. He realised recognition wasn’t important and became a hermit. It’s very narrated. For this piece, as an abstract piece, it works. My only advice would be to try editing this story with the following rule: You can not directly tell the reader anything. Try that, post it up here, and look at the difference and tell me which one you like better. Just a piece of advice. I found this really useful when I first got told this.


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