(No Title)

I wrote this poem for one of my english assignments last year, and i purposely left the titile blank. It was supposed to be about a calamity, so i wrote this.


I stare in silence,

At the ice cold raging fury.

Summoning all of its thirst and power,

Clinging on, using its talons, trying to grasp our very hearts,

Ripping them away, flushing them deep through,

Through the deep murkiness of the water.


I stare in silence,

As the great mass, body of water,

Sweeps through the future and forever bleak lands,

Engulfing all of the heavinly beauties.

Taking away our friends, families and homes.


I stare in silence,

On top of the tattered building,

The foundations barely holding from the force of the water,

“Oh why, oh why dear God” i pray,

I wave my lethargic arms towards the approaching helicopter,

Looming colser and closer.

A tear envelopes my eye,

Falling down, down, down,

Into the demon,

That had started it all.


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