A bit of an ambiguous sonnet i wrote for english, thought i would share


She is trepid, vulnerable; fearful,

Men slowly bringing her to her demise,

She wielded great beauty and was cheerful,

But men have profoundly reduced her size.

Yet, she is everywhere and can’t be missed,

She is one with wood, fire, earth, metal; water,

She is the base, yet men can’t coexist,

She has one life, no offspring; no daughter.

The selfishness and ambitions of men

Through lust for power, wealth and luxury,

Harm her for wants not needs, for land; labour,

Through urbanising, deforesting, when

Men have always held bare necessity.

Hurting; ethereal Mother Nature

By Geoffrey Tan 10C


One thought on “Gaia”

  1. Really good concept Geoffrey. But, in my humble opinion, I reckon you should, sort of, describe the ‘beauty’ and the ‘size’ of Gaia, rather than stating it outright. I’m sure You’ve done it in English at MHS, you know, using metaphors and similes, and whilst it seems like useless crap in the lesson, it really is useful in writing. It sounds cliched, but it really helps increase the descriptive saturation of a piece of writing.


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