Some Resources For Writers

Some time ago, when I first started writing, I began with websites like, strange and odd as this may seem, and Both sites may seem strange to go to, and odd to recommend, but both are highly useful in their own rights. is great for writers who aren’t confident in their imaginative talents and their ability to come up with drawn out, cohesive plots. It’s useful because you can pick almost any TV Show, movie or book that you like and find an area for it, where you can create stories based on already invented characters, settings and general storylines. I myself have written for Harry Potter, Castle and other communities. If you like the TV Show Castle, which airs on Channel Seven in Australia, I highly recommend the Castle community on (shorthand for The community is great, and very helpful to new authors.

If any of you want to sign up here, or get into contact with some of the better authors, or even get into contact with me on this site, you can let me know, and I can recommend some great starting points and some great people to get into touch with.

The other site I mentioned earlier is, or This site is great for authors who are confident in their ability to create a plot, but who don’t want to enter competitions with somewhat faceless judges. I’m less familiar with, as I’ve been using it less, but I can tell that the community across the whole site, which is divided into genre categories, is welcoming, nice and helpful.

Both sites have a reviewing mechanism, whereby people who come across your story can leave productive reviews. I found this to be really helpful when I was beginning as a writer, and some of the best advice that I’ve been given has been by the people in those communities, who are fantastic. 

Ms Sheko asked me to talk about this next meeting, after I raise it on the facebook page. 

On a final note, and with a shameless plug, please read the first chapter of my story White, which is on this blog.



p.s: If you want to get into contact with me, the easiest way is to email me at:


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